The world famous St. Joe River is known as the highest navigable river in the world. Also known as the Shadowy St. Joe, due to the large cottonwoods casting shadows along the banks, this natural beauty offers whitewater rapids, amazing fly fishing, as well as incredible wildlife viewing. You can take a boat upriver, or drive your car alongside the river. If you're feeling adventurous, book a whitewater rapids excursion with ROW Adventures. It's a short season running from June to July, but worth the trip! In the winter, St. Joe River Rd becomes a snowmobile route.

Photo Credit: Tim Palmer

If you're looking for something to mix up your relaxation with some exhilarating fun, look no further than Northwest Outdoor Recreation Co (NORC)! Located less than 10 minutes from Riverside Landing on the Joe, NORC features brand new Polaris UTVs. With automatic transmissions and GPS navigation, this is a carefree way to explore the St. Joe River Valley. They even offer multi-day rentals if you want to explore areas further out - you can also do overnight rides to Wallace, Idaho, a historic silver mining town. Taking an off-road vehicle allows you the freedom to explore areas you could not otherwise reach by car. Many of the trails in the St. Maries area are former railroad grades, which translates to nice wide trails that are easy to navigate. NORC offers two-seater and four-seater rentals. The team at NORC is a group of seasoned riders that are happy to provide recommendations for which trails to take (And they will even show you how to access them on the on-board GPS unit!) A great single day ride will take you up to Avery, where you can have a nice lunch of woodfired pizza or broasted chicken at TFP's located at the Avery Store & Motel before you begin your journey back to St. Maries.

Activities abound on Lake Coeur d'Alene and the surrounding area. Will you rent a ski-doo? Go on a dinner cruise?  Fish for Northern Pike? Paddle a kayak? Rent a Pontoon boat? Have dinner in a floating restaurant? You can do all of these things within an hour's drive of Riverside Landing on the Joe.

Want to see our resort from another angle? Book the St. Joe River Cruise to explore this majestic scenery from the river.